Festival “Áurea, music and digital art”, end of the year party in Mérida

MÉRIDA.- For the first time Mérida will have an end of the year party with the realization of the festival “Áurea, music and digital art”, which will take place from December 29 to 31 at the Parque de la Paz, where the La Peni program is currently being developed.

The last day of the year the party will be big with the presence of local, national and international Djs, the countdown to start 2024 and other surprises for the attendees.

This was announced by cultural authorities of the City Council and artistic creators and Djs, headed by Irving Berlín Villafaña, director of Culture, who pointed out that there will be 14 Djs who will participate in the three days of the event.

Six are local, four national and four international.

Date and time of the festival “Áurea, music and digital art”

The end of the year party will start on December 29 from six in the afternoon and is expected to extend until shortly after 12 at night.

On the 30th, the celebration will begin at five in the afternoon and continue until two in the morning.

On the 31st, the activity will start from four in the afternoon, and it is expected that the party will continue until two and a half in the morning.

Djs and activities of the End of the Year Party in Mérida

The participating Djs will be Mariana Bo, Hercules & Love Affair, Nickodemus, Zombies in Miami, Lagartijeando, Oricanti, Anely Kiyaro, Biomigrant and el Monte Adentro, Alfredo Ávila, Gala, Tribi, Gaby Silva, Jordi and Dolphin.

Additionally, the space of the Parque de la Paz, which as is known, is now an immersive and interactive park, will have two new attractions in the three days of the festival.

It is a kinetic wall with iridescences and luminiscences, integrated by 336 mirrors that will reflect the landscapes and colors that are generated in front of the wall.

There will also be an arch-portal with microprogramming of water, led lights and laser that will be activated by the movement of the people who are dancing at the electronic music party.

It is intended that the space be a meeting place for those who seek to have fun and set up the party on December 31 to welcome the New Year.

There will be no sale of alcoholic beverages, nor will their consumption be allowed in the space.

Source: Diario de Yucatan