Four criminals arrested for car theft in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.- Four men were arrested for vehicle theft; they were seized two weapons, the vehicle they were traveling in and money. One of them already has a record for car theft.

Through the video surveillance system, a vehicle was observed on the road to Querétaro, at the height of the archway, which matched the characteristics provided in a theft report. The C4 Operations Center provided the real-time location of the car to the police, who later stopped it on San Francisco Street.

Once detained, the uniformed officers initiated the control review protocol; the people took an aggressive attitude, tried to evade the arrest through bribes, but secured and transferred the alleged criminals to the Municipal Detention Center, for a deeper review. Already in the Municipal Preventive Separations, they were secured two weapons, one of fire and one of compressed air (CO₂), as well as a large sums of money, for this reason, the detainees were made available to the competent authority, achieving that, with the help of the intelligence data collected in previous events, they allowed to connect these individuals with previous crimes.

The detainees responded to the names of Manuel “N”, Roberto Carlos “N”, Kevin Adrián “N” and José Alejandro “N”, the latter has 3 dispositions to the Public Ministry for the crimes of robbery and bribery.

Source: Periodico Correo