Playa del Carmen adds more than 70 executions until November

This year, the municipality of Solidaridad is about to close with 79 high-impact deaths, a situation that generated from its beginning with a wave of violence due to the executions against solidarenses. According to the Delictive Traffic Light of Quintana Roo, the locality registers 14 percent of the murder rate, only below Cancun.

Among the cruellest murders that impacted the playense society was the execution of a whole family: mother, father, daughter and a man who was with them, in a house in the La Guadalupana subdivision. The crime occurred at the corner of Punta Arena with Chichen Itza, on January 20.

A particular criminal act was the murder of four prosecutors from Playa del Carmen, whose bodies were abandoned on 18 Norte Street, in a van owned by the Solidaridad City Hall. Later it was reported that they had signs of torture. For this fact, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) arrested alleged suspects, workers of the bar “La Cueva”, who are in criminal process.

The year passed and by March 1 they added 18 executions allegedly involved with drug trafficking; that is, a crime was committed every 3.2 days.

The Villas del Sol subdivision remains as the most insecure area, as there were three of the last eight intentional homicides.

Meanwhile, on Friday, April 7, an attack was registered in the Villamar I colony, leaving a balance of one dead and two wounded; later, another one was perpetrated in the La Guadalupana colony, in which they killed a man and injured his mother.

As for the crimes, foreigners were not safe, as an Italian woman, identified as Ornella Saiu, a worker at Café Sabrina 48, in the tourist area of Playa del Carmen, was shot to death by a man on a motorcycle, who entered the trade, shot directly at the victim and escaped, according to the testimonies collected by the municipal elements.

However, one of the most heinous crimes that shocked the citizens was the execution of a 10-year-old girl, while she was with her mother, by armed men on the afternoon of Monday, June 13, outside a grocery store located in the Villas del Sol subdivision, on Azulejos Avenue with Costureros Avenue.

For the summer season, another bloody event took place in a funeral home where “El Frezzer” was being watched, in the Centro colony. Armed men arrived at the place, who after entering the place and arguing with the mourners, attacked them and those present with shots, leaving three people injured; one of them died in the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen.

In that summer period, the irregular colony En Casa became the scene of homicides and searches, in which the FGE seized drugs.

Among this figure, there are also cases of femicide, such as that of Yesenia, who was burned alive by her sentimental partner, on September 8.

Neighbors of the Bellavista colony narrated that around 23:40 hours of that day, Yesenia had a strong argument with her boyfriend José “N”, who left the house enraged. However, he later returned in a gray van, from which he lowered a can with gasoline, which he threw on the woman and then set her on fire. Due to her injuries, she died on September 12 at the General Hospital.

The night of October 16, the murder by bullets of a private security guard in the Xcacel subdivision, in the West zone of Playa del Carmen, was reported, where municipal police confirmed the fact on Paseos Sisal with Sin Nombre Avenue.

Of these crimes, in which most of the alleged perpetrators are men, there are also women, such as Rosalía “N”, who was arrested on December 17 for her probable participation in acts that could constitute the crime of homicide, to the detriment of a man of reserved identity.

With these 79 high-impact murders in the municipality of Solidaridad, this destination of the Riviera Maya remains in the middle of the bloody statistic that exists in the North Zone of Quintana Roo, since in Tulum there are 111 executions.

According to the Delictive Traffic Light in Quintana Roo, until November, in which it details that in the homicide statistic Benito Juárez has an index of 54 percent, Solidaridad registers 14 percent, and 10 percent, Tulum.

Source: Por Esto