Travelers Start return of countrymen by Nuevo Laredo; long lines on bridges

All week they will be crossing this border, a large number of countrymen who now reside in the United States.

Countrymen begin to return by Nuevo Laredo to the United States after the Christmas and New Year holidays in Mexican territory, this morning long lines of cars with plates of Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona Alabama and other states of the neighboring country were seen.

From today and all week-long lines could be registered by travelers who choose this border to return to their homes in the United States.

Around noon, long lines were observed at the International Bridge 2, which extended to the Colosio Boulevard of Nuevo Laredo, in the rest of the day more countrymen who now reside in the northern country are expected.

In the last two weeks of 2023, a large influx of countrymen who also entered Mexican territory through this border was seen, to visit their families who are in the different states of Mexico.

The return of the largest contingent of countrymen, the Queretan Caravan, is expected on January 8, so a large influx is also expected to the international crossing.

Source: El Mañana