Mónica Ortiz, astronaut from Oaxaca, will command the Latin American Mars Analog Research Mission

The Oaxacan Mónica Ortiz Álvarez, was selected as commander (analog crew member) in the First Latin American Mission of Analog Research of Mars in Spain, by Astroland Interplanetary Agency, in Santander, Spain.

“I am immensely grateful for the honor of sharing crew with Sagrario Linares Melo Ingrid Marian, Lia Seguel Alvarado Rivaldo Duran, who more than friends are a great family in FAU Youth, we all have great qualities and sharing this representing our countries makes it even more special”, wrote the Oaxacan shared the news on social networks.

Likewise, he specified that the objective of the mission “Principia” is to promote the participation of women in STEM areas, at the same time, make visible the space technology in the new generations, at an international level.

In addition to scientific research, he assured “we promote the inclusion of Latin youth in the development of the Spanish space sector”.

He added that the project can boost the STEM sector in Mexico and throughout Latin America, by being able to solve various problems that future colonizations could have when conducting studies in a completely immersive habitat of simulation of the surface of Mars, thus generating cooperation between different types of sciences.

“This project will help us create awareness of the importance and preservation of our planet in the study of space sciences”, he added in his message.

The mission will take place in the month of July of this year. Ortiz Álvarez is currently President of the Youth Chapter of the Acercándote al Universo Foundation.

Source: El Universal