2024 brings new real estate projects for Playa del Carmen

Solidaridad begins the year with the announcement of more real estate investment because a private individual started the construction and operation process of the Kantal project, north of the municipality.

It is a development that plans the construction of housing units in 55 lots. For this, the promoter has requested from the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) the change of land use.

The promoter is the mercantile society named “Operadora Beste Boden”, which, according to trade records, has as main partners people of regiomontano origin.

The permission that the individual has requested, is for a land located in the north of Playa del Carmen, located at the level of the first clearing for the passage of the Maya Train, in front of the Iberostar Playa-Paraíso hotel. It is a property of around 18 hectares, according to the Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) that has been accessed.

If the approval is finalized, it would join other similar developments located in that area, such as those of Grupo Vidanta, as it is close to the lodging center of this particular and the Cirque du Soleil.

The individual, according to the MIA, has advanced that he already has some subdivision permits.

“Develop and take advantage of the 55 lots in which they can build condominiums, residences, hotels and / or businesses, based on the authorization of condominium regime issued by the Directorate of Urban Development and Physiognomy of the Secretariat of Territorial Planning of the municipality of Solidaridad” (sic), he exposes.

Although it does not specify how much the investment amount will be, these types of projects regularly contemplate hundreds of millions of pesos.

Likewise, it exposes that the number of employees that is considered for the establishment of the work and its start-up is approximately 100 direct jobs.

“Among which the hiring of engineers, architects, environmental managers, machinery operators, construction personnel and assistants stand out, on the other hand, the generation of 250 indirect jobs is considered, derived from the operation of the project”.

Source: Sipse