Mérida celebrates its 482nd Anniversary

One of the most beautiful destinations you will find in Mexico is Mérida, Yucatán, with its cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, this January 6th is celebrating its 482nd Anniversary.

So, if you want to discover this beautiful destination in the southeast of the Mexican Republic and celebrate its ‘birthday’, here we leave you a list of the activities you can do on your trip to Mérida.

But before you venture to discover this city, you should know what its origin is, what its name means, as well as why it is known as the White City.

Mérida has its roots in the ancient city of T’hoo, whose meaning is “Five hills”, and previously known as Ichcaanzihó, which translates as “face of infinity”.

The anniversary commemorates the foundation of Mérida after the third attempt to conquer Yucatán, led by Francisco de Montejo the Adelantado, who finally managed to subdue the Mayans in the Battle of San Bernabé in Sotuta on June 11, 1541.

The official foundation of Mérida took place on January 6, 1542, thanks to Francisco de Montejo “El Mozo”, who following instructions from his father, established the city in a strategic location near the sea, facilitating the supply and entry to the population.

The denomination of Mérida, derived from the Latin “Emérita”, dates back to the ancient Roman city of Emérita Augusta. This name was chosen for the architectural similarity that the Spanish colonizers found between the Mayan buildings and those of the Roman city located in the current Mérida, Spain.

In the framework of its 482nd Anniversary, Mérida comes alive with cultural shows, concerts and fun for its inhabitants and visitors. To make the most of your visit, here we share a list of the 20 must-do activities in this charming destination.

Enjoy a walking tour of the famous Paseo Montejo, the longest and most beautiful avenue in Mérida, where the old colonial mansions and history intertwine.

Immerse yourself in the history of the Historic Center with a ride in Calandria, a horse-drawn carriage that will take you through buildings, monuments and squares of the “white capital.”

Discover the architectural splendor of the Palacio Cantón, home of the Regional Museum with a fascinating collection of pieces from the Mayan culture.

On Paseo Montejo, admire the Monument to the Homeland and its engravings that evoke significant moments of the history of Mexico and Yucatán.

Marvel at the facade of the Palacio de Montejo, built by the conqueror Francisco de Montejo, now home to an elegant museum.

Experience the Cathedral of San Ildefonso with its new lighting, highlighting its architectural details at nightfall.

Delight yourself with a marquesita of cheese ball or peanut cream in the public squares and parks of downtown Mérida.

Visit the Macay Museum, next to the Cathedral, and admire its collections of art objects ranging from Mayan pieces to contemporary artistic expressions.

Immerse yourself in the Yucatecan gastronomy by tasting dishes such as panuchos, salbutes, lime soup and cochinita pibil in restaurants such as Los Almendros, near Plaza La Mejorada.

Source: Debate