Sanitary landfill and garbage disposal closure, the unmissable projects for 2024

Finally! 2024 will be the year where the municipal dump will finally close, while the works to transition to the sanitary landfill will begin. This project, announced by the municipal government at the beginning of 2023, promises many benefits to the citizens regarding the issue of the waste cycle.

Despite the fact that these works were scheduled for the end of last year, Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin explained that next week the purchase for the land of the sanitary landfill will be made official, which will cost 10 million pesos.

He pointed out that the property is well located and meets the specifications stipulated by the Official Mexican Standard NOM-083-SEMARNAT-2003, requirements that the current dump does not comply with, which is why the City Council has had to face an environmental lawsuit.

“We should not go beyond next week that we start the acquisition procedure. Once we have the acquisition issue, the studies are initiated and based on those studies the works begin. Those works are faster due to the machinery that is used”.

This plan will involve the implementation of mechanisms aimed at reducing the amount of waste that reaches landfills, by promoting a social culture oriented to the proper separation of waste and its correct disposal in Transfer Stations.

Regarding the closure of the dump, the municipal leader made it clear that the closure will be definitive within the next four months. The works for the new sanitary landfill will begin and advance as the closure is given.

“It will be closed, but they will give maintenance for 20 years. Then you close the first stage, close everything and then continue for 20 years with the maintenance. 4 cells were made and each one will be closed and we will leave the last one when the new landfill is ready to receive the garbage. “

The closure of the municipal dump will require a total of 35 million pesos, 60 million for the purchase of equipment and labor for the sanitary landfill plus 30 million pesos that are destined for the works of its construction.

Source: Punto