They commit a robbery on tourists in the historic center of Oaxaca de Juárez

Four subjects who were traveling in a car and a motorcycle have been dedicated to committing robberies in the city of Oaxaca and their last victims were some tourists who through social networks ask for help from the citizens to locate their documents.

According to videos disseminated on social networks, the events occurred at zero hours on December 26, 2023 when the tourists were heading to the house they had rented on Unión Street, in front of the Andrés Portillo school, in the city of Oaxaca, two blocks from the municipal police headquarters.

Through networks, the video captured by a security camera in Oaxaca where tourists are robbed while they were heading to a house they had rented has circulated.

At the corner of M. Bravo and Unión, unknown subjects parked on a motorcycle and car to intercept them and steal cash, documents and personal items, and then flee.

The tourists still reached the corner and watched the criminals flee and without the police coming to help them.

Through social networks they indicated that hopefully the criminals have thrown the documents on the street and the citizens will deliver them to them to be able to leave the country.

For this they provide the telephone number 9514758109 in case of finding their belongings.

Likewise, in the city of Oaxaca, a young woman was robbed during the morning of Tuesday when she was on the Eduardo Mata boulevard of the capital city.

For 20 minutes, the victim waited for the municipal police, but they did not arrive.

Likewise, on Wednesday night, subjects traveling on a motorcycle robbed the driver and passengers of the bus number 26 of the Sertexa line in the Ricardo Flores Magón housing unit and the police did not arrive either, so the neighbors decided to implement tours in the area.

Source: NVI Noticias