They accuse coffee discrimination in Oaxaca for using menus in English; state police protect place after complaints and protests on networks

The owners of the coffee shop “La Tostaduría” denounced that they have been victims of harassment and threats by a group of people who accuse them of discriminating against the Oaxacan population for having their menus in English.

According to the complaint, the group of people, who identified themselves as members of the “Oaxaca Antineoliberal Front”, arrived at the establishment located in the historic center of the city on January 8 and demanded that they remove the menus in English and lower the prices of their products.

They also accused them of being part of a “gentrification” process that displaces the original inhabitants of the area and affects the local economy.

The owners of the coffee shop explained that they use menus in English as a way of promoting the culture and language of the Zapotec people, since they also include words in that indigenous language.

They also said that they offer fair prices for the quality of their coffee, which comes from different regions of Oaxaca and is roasted on site.

They added that they have been operating for more than two years and that they have always respected the neighbors and customers of the place.

They denounced that the group of people who harassed them also painted graffiti on the walls of the coffee shop and threatened to return to vandalize the place if they did not comply with their demands.

They said that they filed a complaint with the authorities and that they have received the support of the state police, who have been guarding the establishment.

They also thanked the solidarity of other coffee shops and civil society organizations that have expressed their rejection of the acts of intimidation.

They said that they will continue to work with passion and dedication to offer a quality product and service to the people of Oaxaca and visitors.

Source: El Universal