They provide patrols and motorcycle patrols to the Mazatlán Police

Mazatlán, Sin. -Faced with the great challenge of providing relevant and effective public security, which guarantees the tranquility of the Mazatlan families, this Wednesday new patrol cars and motorcycle patrols were provided to the municipal police.

The Secretary of Security, Jaime Othoniel Barrón Valdez, reported that 18 pick-up type patrols and 43 motorcycles were delivered.

“Which come to reinforce the preventive surveillance and reaction tasks in the 12 sectors and the rural area in which our municipality is divided operationally, which will allow greater police presence, closeness and speed of response in the protection of the interests of society”, he said.

1,165 uniforms consisting of tactical shirt, pants, cap and boots were also delivered.

For his part, Mayor Edgar González Zatarain pointed out that the deficit of elements in the corporation is being combated; when he assumed the presidency there was a deficit of 300 elements and to date there is still a shortage of 200.

” The call is permanently maintained for all those men or women who wish to join the ranks of the Municipal Police or Municipal Transit, we already integrate 110 new elements and we have 56 studying in the academy who will graduate at the end of March beginning of April and that means then in a short time we will be reducing at least half of the deficit we have “, he pointed out.

He also added that this week they will start with the rehabilitation of some police booths that were abandoned, in total there are 27.

The State Government made an investment of 38 million pesos for the purchase of the units and the municipality contributed close to 7 million pesos.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan