Tips to have better communication with your dog

There are countless benefits of having a dog. The furry creatures offer unconditional love, loyalty, emotional support, and an unlimited amount of cuddles, especially when you’re feeling down. People might leave you, but dogs will stay with you for as long as they live. Worldwide, there are more than 450 million pet dogs, which just shows their popularity in households.

Having a dog requires a lot of patience, time, and plenty of understanding on the pet parent’s part. Dogs don’t communicate verbally, and it is easy for both parties to misinterpret each other, which can lead to hurt feelings.

Lucky for you, there are various ways to prevent this from happening. Here are 41 hacks that can make communicating and understanding your dog a lot easier.

#1 Not giving treats at the right time

Giving treats to pets is not as easy as most people think. Specialists say that treats should be given when the dog is calm, and it’s important to give them only when the dog is sitting or lying down patiently waiting.

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One thing not to do is to give treats during mealtime, as treats should never replace regular and nutritious meals. The lesson here is to not give it too soon. But don’t give it too late either; wait a few minutes after their meal to give them a delicious treat

#2 Leaving your dogs for a bit

One of the most heartbreaking things for pet parents is leaving their dogs at home while they go to school, work, or on vacation. It’s a hard truth that must be dealt with because some places don’t allow dogs on their premises.

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Being left alone at home makes our furry friends feel abandoned because they don’t understand work or school. To them, being left alone is being abandoned, even if only for a few hours. Humans must understand that dogs don’t have any sense of time, and they have no idea when their humans will be back.

#3 The low growl

As adorable and loyal as dogs are, they can sometimes be possessive, especially when it comes to their favorite humans. Contrary to what most people think, dogs don’t always bite someone right away or show their sharp teeth every time they are not pleased.

The low growl is something every pet owner must be familiar with. The sound is a warning to back off and is a signal that the dog doesn’t like sharing his food, toys, or humans. When you see a dog doing this, back away slowly.

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