In 139 years of Canaco Mazatlán: Francis Cázares, first woman to lead organized trade

The businesswoman commits to continue working for the benefit of more than 15 thousand affiliates

Mazatlán, Sin.- It took 139 years for the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco Servytur) of Mazatlán, to have its first woman president: Francisca de los Ángeles Cázares Oliveros, who assumed the position with the aim of maintaining the growth of the trade sector. When taking the oath to head the organization, Cázares Oliveros made the commitment to continue working for the benefit of more than 15 thousand affiliates and for trade to remain one of the strongest economic activities in the region.

She also recognized the results achieved by the outgoing president, Roberto Lem González.

“The Chamber of Commerce has more than 15 thousand affiliates, we have to work to support all of them who are here, because they trust that they are well represented before the three levels of government. We represent 63 percent of the state’s Gross Domestic Product,” she said.

The new president of the Canaco Mazatlán presented her work plan, which is integrated by seven axes that are: training, linkage, services, financing, tourist promotion, entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

She highlighted that Mazatlán is experiencing a good moment in terms of attracting investments and the opportunities offered by the tourism sector should be taken advantage of in a better way, especially at times when some sectors face difficulties such as fishing.

Francis Cázares thanked the support of her family, mainly her husband, Guillermo Romero Rodríguez.

“I appreciate the presence of the man who pushes me the most to continue growing, who is with me shoulder to shoulder, who encourages women, the love of my life,” she said.

The new council of the Chamber of Commerce is composed of Carmen Julia Arámburo, as general secretary; Paola Álvarez Tostado, as treasurer, in addition to renowned men and women willing to work for the benefit of the sector.

Source: Linea Directa