Mazatlan government launches campaign to monitor grease traps

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Municipal Government of Mazatlan has started a campaign to monitor restaurants, hotels and businesses that handle fats and oils, the installation, operation and cleaning of traps for the separation of these substances.

The tour began in the establishments located in the Historic Center, led by Edgar Gonzalez, Mayor of Mazatlan, where staff from the Directorate of Ecology and Environment, the Municipal Water and Sewerage Board, the Mayor’s Office, and Civil Protection, were in charge of conducting an exhaustive supervision that each place had a grease trap in its facilities, gave it a correct use, was in function and kept a record of the frequency with which it is cleaned.

Regarding this operation, the Mayor, Edgar Gonzalez, said that the purpose of this operation is to add the actions of businessmen, merchants and citizens in general, to the actions carried out by the Government in the search to avoid blockages in the sanitary network and outbreaks of sewage, which are often caused by the dumping of fats and oils.

He reported that the City Council last year invested about 180 million pesos in the rehabilitation of the drainage network and pumps that were in conditions not suitable for their proper functioning, he commented that this year about 600 million pesos more will be invested in rehabilitation works collectors, subcollectors and collapsed networks, hence the importance of citizen action, in the proper management of fats and oils, not only in commerce and establishments, but from homes.

For her part, the Director of Ecology and Environment, Eunice Murúa Figueroa, reported that this agency maintains a constant work to ensure that every establishment and company complies with the current regulations on environmental matters, in that sense during the last year 350 inspection visits were made to companies and commercial and service establishments for the issuance or updating of documentation prior to the integration of the Municipal Environmental Operation Certificate (COAM), as well as for the delivery of opinions and / or resolution of Records of Emissions and Transfers of Pollutants or Municipal Environmental Licenses.

Murúa Figueroa clarified that this operation will be carried out in different stages, first issue a requirement to the establishment, later request an inspection order and as a third step, carry out the inspection of the place, for which she invited all businesses to comply with the recommendations to avoid a possible sanction, especially, to join positively in the search to create a healthy environment and make Mazatlan a sustainable city.

Source: Café Negro