Aguascalientes police chief fired after publishing a video featuring a “narco-corrido” of her own (VIDEO)

The official Georgina Tiscareño de Lira has been dismissed this Wednesday as chief of police in the municipality of Jesús María, in the State of Aguascalientes, after a war rumor was spread about her. The production, starring the former head of Citizen Security, alludes to the characteristic images that usually appear in videos of war corridos. After the controversy generated by the dissemination of the song, the municipal president, José Antonio Arámbula, decided to remove her and appoint a career police officer, Crispín Jesús Orozco Jiménez, in her place. Tiscareño de Lira apologized for the production, which sparked discomfort and criticism for days even within her party, National Action (PAN).

Wearing a pink miniskirt and high heels, Tiscareño de Lira poses in the video while singer Ángel Fuentes sings lyrics about the life of the now-former official. “Woman of respect, word, and loyalty. She catches everyone’s attention, she is not intimidated by anyone, and her presence is noticeable. In a silver RAM, above 180, a flirtatious smile and a plunging neckline,” he says. “She is always in danger and she likes speed, the fair doesn’t matter to her, what she seeks is loyalty. And many have wanted to break her image with a few kisses,” the lyrics add. In her images, there are personal archival photographs of her and even one in which you can see the municipal president.

Tiscareño de Lira later explained, given the commotion generated, that it had been a family gift and apologized to anyone who felt offended. He also assured that no treasury resources had been used for production. However, the state authorities of the PAN did not forgive and asked the municipal president to take action on the matter. Arámbula explained to the press that the decision to remove her was due to the lack of respect that he had had for the position and announced a new head this Wednesday.

“With 17 years of police career in Jesús María, Crispín Jesús Orozco Jiménez, will assume the position as head of the corporation, with the commitment to ensure the safety and tranquility of the citizens, that is why, by instructions of the mayor, to From now on he leaves his position as operational director to assume ownership of the Secretariat,” the municipality reported on social networks.