Cancún: they ask Immigration to use the e-Gate for Europeans and Latinos

The president of the Mexican Association of Receptive Tourism Agencies (AMATUR), Sergio González Rubiera, requests the National Migration Institute to expand the use of digital kiosks (e-Gate) to tourists from Europe and Latin America at the Cancun Airport to avoid complaints, long lines, inconvenience and eventual cases of extortion.

Rubiera considers that this method, used for visitors from the United States and Canada, can be beneficial for the destination in the midst of controversies and criticisms that the Migration representatives have received for mistreatment by Colombian and Brazilian tourists in the last time.

“We understand very well that in many of the cases the inadmissions obey to issues of national security, inconsistencies in the interviews or lack of documentation, but that, in many others, it obeys to lack of criteria of the officer on duty, to unfinished training due to high turnover and eventually there could even be cases of corruption”, says Rubiera, who recognizes “the enormous help that we have always received from officer Julio Rivas, in charge at the Cancun Airport, who at any time has been willing to help us in the difficult cases of very diverse nationalities; our broad recognition and gratitude to him, Admiral Carlos Manuel Bandala and Dr. Héctor Martínez Castuera.

Rubiera reinforces that Colombia represents a huge tourist market with potential for Cancun. “The e-Gate could avoid doubts and controversies as long as the information and instructions prior to the trip are sufficiently clear and are disseminated in advance and effectively”, he considers.

Source: Reportur