Foreigner puts police and rescue forces in check in the center of Mazatlán

A young man allegedly from Senegal resisted getting off the base of a lamp located in the atrium of the Basilica Cathedral

Mazatlan.- After almost two hours of trying to persuade him to get off the metal base of a lamp located in the atrium of the cathedral of Mazatlan, police managed to subdue a young man from Senegal, Africa, who showed erratic behavior.

The boy allegedly feared being arrested by the officers, whom he asked to stay away from him so he could get off.

The events occurred at 7:00 p.m. today Wednesday in the courtyard of the church located in the center of the city.

The young foreigner climbed up the tubular base of the lamp and remained there for more than an hour.

At times he moved and sat on the concrete column that supports the metal bars of the religious enclosure.

Getting him off the lamp was not an easy task for the patrolmen, who activated the protocols for this type of emergency and in a few minutes the streets Benito Juárez and 21 de Marzo were blocked once paramedics from the Red Cross and Volunteer Firefighters Mazatlan entered.

Uneprevif staff talked to the foreigner, but they only managed to distract him so that other police officers could subdue him when entering the church.

When he was subdued, the young man named Zoue let go of the metal base and fell backwards. After the blow he could not get up. Red Cross personnel took action and gave him first aid.

According to paramedics from Civil Protection, the African had a severe dehydration and did not suffer injuries after the fall. After being stabilized, he was channeled to the emergency area of the IMSS Bienestar hospital.

This action was observed by dozens of people who were in the first frame of the city.

Source: Debate