They call to participate in the Madonnari 2024 Festival in Puerto Vallarta

From February 9 to 11, the Madonnari Festival 2024 will take place, promoted by the Sister Cities Committee Puerto Vallarta-Santa Barbara, in which 21 professional artists from this city and other states of the country are already registered, in which children and adults can participate for free with works displayed on the floor of the Plaza de Armas with chalks.

This iconic festival returns to Puerto Vallarta, as it is a contest in which established and beginner artists converge, expressing their artistic expressions.

The director of the festival, Raúl Coultas, reported that anyone who wishes, from children to adults, can register at no cost to this festival, through the phone 322 135 9854, through a WhatsApp they can receive their registration form, or in the email [email protected].

Registration for professional artists will only be during this week and in the other categories, such as the case of children, they can do it on the same day of the event. This year there will be cash prizes for the adult category: 20 thousand pesos for the first place, 10 thousand for the second and 5 thousand for the third, in addition to other incentives awarded by the sponsors.

21 artists from Querétaro, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Estado de México, Mexico City, Guadalajara, from this city, Durango and some other localities are already registered.

Likewise, the winners of the first two places will travel to the city of Santa Barbara to participate in the festival of that city, as long as they have a valid visa.

For children there will also be gifts for the first three places. “The theme is free as long as they are not political or aggressive nudes and the technique is pastel chalk and it will take place in the Plaza de Armas on February 9, 10 and 11 and everyone who wants to can register from children and adults”.

For her part, the president of the Sister Cities Committee Puerto Vallarta-Santa Barbara, Irma Pérez, stressed that the participation of companies is important to continue promoting art and culture in the destination.

“The Sister Cities Committee Puerto Vallarta-Santa Barbara, has an altruistic vocation, but we also really like to promote art, culture, young people and support the community.”

For his part, the director of Municipal Tourism, Christian Preciado, argued that the date of this festival was moved, which in previous editions was held in November, but this time it seeks to give it its own space in the face of the large number of events that are recorded on that date. The works will be evaluated by professional artists from Santa Barbara, who will rate the different parameters to determine the winners.

Source: Tribuna de la Bahia