Korean travels to Sonora to meet his girlfriend’s family in Ciudad Obregón

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From Korea to Latin America, Diego Lee has backpacked through several countries in the American continent and once he arrived in Mexico, he has stayed here and recently spent the New Year’s holidays in Sonora, specifically in Ciudad Obregón, the hometown of his girlfriend, who took him to meet her family.

So, he took the flight to the south of Sonora, where he could contemplate the typical landscapes of the desert, from the plane and immediately began to soak up what Sonoran gastronomy is, as they immediately made homemade flour tortillas and even had his chance to make one, but he burned himself.

“Today I’m going to Sonora to meet my girlfriend’s hometown, we got on a Juan Gabriel plane, I’m going to meet my Mexican in-laws, how nervous, but excited, the deserts look very beautiful with many cacti and we arrived in Ciudad Obregón, it’s not as hot as I expected, in the car with my in-laws chatting,” Diego Lee says in his video.

In another video you can see the experience of knowing the cheese soup and the chiltepines and there he does it with caution, but the truth is that this is a dish that nobody dislikes and with the appropriate dose and adapted to the palate in question with the chiltepín, he qualifies it as a perfect combination.

Then he went to know the typical head tacos of Ciudad Obregón and in the same way he is surprised by the texture of the meat, which is very soft, in addition to the extra ingredients such as vegetables and sauces, which are key, at the end he tries a “bichi” broth also of head and is fascinated by the flavor he experiences.

For Diego that was a new experience in his life, since in his country there is no party with the arrival of the New Year and he had to celebrate it in the Sonoran style, with a great family party with a band included, with a lot of dancing, drinking and eating, a great atmosphere was seen in the video where Diego shows that he is a good Break Dance dancer.

He got to hug at 12 o’clock at night with all his in-laws family, celebrate with tequila and bacanora and without stopping dancing all night, then the next day breakfast included reheated and despite the sleepless he left happy because the atmosphere was always of joy and even to baseball they took him, so he is already an adopted son of Sonora and all its customs.

Source: El Sol de Hermosillo