What does “huach” mean in Yucatán?

The word “huach” is a term that has been used in Yucatán for a long time, but it has different meanings depending on the context and the tone of voice. According to the Dictionary of the Mayan Language, “huach” comes from the Mayan word “wach”, which means “face” or “front”.

However, in colloquial speech, “huach” can also mean “look”, “see”, “watch”, “observe”, or “pay attention”. For example, “huach, there comes your friend” or “huach, what a beautiful sunset”. It can also be used as an interjection to express surprise, admiration, or curiosity. For example, “huach, what a big house” or “huach, how did you do that?”.

Another meaning of “huach” is “cheat”, “trick”, “deceive”, or “lie”. For example, “he huached me with his promises” or “don’t huach me, I know the truth”. It can also be used as a noun to refer to a cheat, a trick, a deception, or a lie. For example, “that was a huach, he didn’t pay me” or “don’t fall for his huaches, he’s a liar”.

Finally, “huach” can also mean “steal”, “rob”, “snatch”, or “take away”. For example, “they huached my wallet” or “don’t let them huach your phone”. It can also be used as a noun to refer to a thief, a robbery, a snatch, or a theft. For example, “he’s a huach, he stole my bike” or “they caught him in the huach, he was taking things from the store”.

Many, upon hearing certain words that they do not know, could take it as an attack or an insult, especially in an entity where the roots of belonging are important, but it is far from being so; However, it all depends on the context and the way people use it.

Coming to Yucatán is quite an experience, not only because of its natural attractions, its culture, its folklore, architecture and gastronomy. Talking with someone born in the entity helps to know the Mayan roots, as well as expand the understanding of their words and expressions.

Source: Por Esto