These are the 15 jobs with the greatest growth in Mexico

At least a quarter of the skills required by employers in Mexico have changed since 2015, so there are new profiles that are increasingly in demand.

These are the 15 most demanded jobs in Mexico

AI is generating a change in the skills required by employers, and this will be more accelerated in the coming years

Do you want to stand out in the labor market?

LinkedIn found that the skills required for jobs have changed 25% since 2015, and it is expected that this change will reach 65% by 2030 globally. In view of this, this social network revealed the 15 jobs with the most growth in Mexico and the necessary requirements. Do you have them?

With the advancement of artificial intelligence and automation, new opportunities and challenges arise for both professionals and companies that seek to adapt to emerging trends.

The list of “Jobs on the Rise” from LinkedIn highlights the 15 positions that have experienced remarkable growth in the last five years in Mexico.

1. Head of Growth

Description: Manages the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention, with a focus on increasing sales.

2. Sales Development Representative

Description: Responsible for prospecting and qualifying potential clients at the beginning of the purchasing process.

3. Machine Learning Engineer)

Description: Research, build and design Artificial Intelligence for machine learning, maintaining and improving existing systems.

4. Customer Success Manager

Description: Monitors customer retention by applying policies to improve customer satisfaction.

5. Key Account Sales Manager

Description: Manage the company’s most important accounts, building strong relationships with clients.

The rest of the 15 jobs with the most growth in Mexico are:

6. Cloud Support Engineer

7. Data Engineer

8. Operations Associate

9. Cyber ​​Security Specialist

10. SMT Process Engineer

11. Sustainability Manager

12. Data Coordinator

13. Clinical Research Associate

14. Transportation Analyst

15.Tax Associate

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