Videos: this is how the magnitude 5 earthquake was experienced on the beaches of Huatulco, Oaxaca

Last Thursday, January 18, a magnitude 5 earthquake was reported with an epicenter in Crucecita, Santa María Huatulco in Oaxaca, without fatalities or injuries, but cameras from different bays captured when the sea presented unusual movements before the tremor.

The Webscam located at the Primer Hotel in Bahías de Huatulco shows how the waves increased their height during the tremor, before breaking on land.

It is also observed that the panoramic camera of the Santa Cruz Bay moves vertically, as if the earthquake had been trepidatory.

In other images of the Tangolunda Bay, it is seen how the tourists do not perceive the seismic movement, however, the sea presents unusual movements during the earthquake.

According to civil protection of Oaxaca, it activated a monitoring after the tremor but so far no damage or injuries are reported.

Source: El Tiempo