The story behind the DIDI delivery man on horseback

Felipe had been a deliveryman for months, but in December he suffered an accident in which he lost his motorcycle; today, he uses “El Diamante”, the horse that his father lends him

This is Felipe and Andrea, a young couple who, together with “El Diamante”, their horse, deliver food to those who use the DIDI app; this has attracted the attention of those who encounter them on the streets.

“Sorry for being late, the one with the horse is going to arrive”, Felipe writes to those who are waiting for their food, but who are patient with the travel times of a horse.

“…they see us on the street and they take pictures of us, they record us, yesterday when we were delivering, there was a caravan behind us, over there by the Valle del Sur neighborhood. They came trucks behind us recording us, they stopped and asked us if they could take a picture of us. The children approached and asked if they could touch the horse, but when we said ‘we have an order’, the parents ran and said ‘don’t entertain them, let them deliver the order’”, Andrea told El Sol de Durango, when asked about the “boom” that has been her story on social networks.

But the story begins months ago, even when Felipe was already a DIDI deliveryman, but on a motorcycle, however, in December 2023, on the 27th, he suffered an accident that although it did not represent a major physical damage, it did leave his motorcycle in total loss.

 “We couldn’t fix it for lack of resources. In the comments they say that the horse costs more than the motorcycle, but the horse is not ours, he grabs it from his father, saddles it and picks me up, because it is difficult with the horse, the cell phone, the orders, and doing everything”, Andrea said.

Felipe said that the horse does represent a saving in terms of fuel, since when he had his motorcycle he spent 100 pesos per day on gasoline; now with the horse he invests 200 pesos per week, for the alfalfa.

The idea is soon, when they have the resources, to buy a motorcycle that allows them to continue as deliverymen.

After their story went viral, and their images where they appear on the horse with a DIDI backpack, it was precisely this company that already contacted them and promised them a surprise. The couple says that it was through TikTok that the delivery company sent them a message, however, they do not know what that surprise is that they are talking about.

Felipe has had trouble finding another job due to an illness he has suffered since he was eight years old, when after a fall from the top of a house, he ended up with epilepsy.

According to them, when they see that he is sick, they deny him the job. “I have epilepsy. That’s why I wear the helmet on the horse, but that’s why she also goes with me to help me. (…) When I was eight years old, I fell from a house, I hit my head, and that’s where the complications arose, I’m in treatment”, Felipe said.

In order to stay in control, he requires a medication that costs around 1,200 pesos and that lasts for a week only. It is Valproate magnesium 600 m

Felipe started a job as a nights

Precisely this January 18, Felipe started a job as a watchman, however, he assures that the payment is very little, and for a long time during the day; For this reason, the couple says that they do not plan to leave the horse.

Felipe and Andrea are parents, they have a daughter named Mía, whom they have to support, so they do not give up and look for a way to have an economic income.

Source: El Sol de Durango