Six members of a gang of carjackers arrested in Durango

Four men and two women who are part of a gang of robbers, who extorted mainly elderly people under all kinds of threats and intimidation, were arrested by elements of the Criminal Investigation Police. They operated in the states of Durango, Sinaloa and Nuevo Leon.

Sonia Yadira de la Garza, prosecutor of the state of Durango, reported on the arrest of the alleged criminals, who were already on the trail due to various complaints filed by some of those affected.

They remain in the Durango Cereso

Those who are already interned in the Social Reinsertion Center Number 1 of the city of Durango, respond to the names of Pedro, Jesús Omar, José Alberto, Jaime, Rubí and Magnolia Esmeralda.

These people and three accomplices who are still fugitives from justice, intentionally caused traffic accidents; Subsequently, through intimidation, they robbed the victims of their vehicles and threatened them by telephone in order to obtain various amounts of money.

For this reason, the State Attorney General’s Office urged those who were victims of extortion by the members of the gang to file a criminal complaint and proceed accordingly. They can call the emergency number 911 or 618 137 35 00.

Source: milenio