Sonora Prosecutor’s Office denies that confrontation was due to an alleged operation against El Chapo’s son

Authorities of the state of Sonora deny the information that circulates on social networks, that he was close to being arrested, Iván Archivaldo Guzmán, son of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

This Saturday, there was a confrontation where six alleged criminals were killed, and there were elements of security forces that were injured.

A publication on the Facebook social network details the following: “Information circulates on networks that indicates that Iván Archivaldo, son of Chapo Guzmán, was almost caught in Hermosillo Sonora. 6 criminals were killed by the police in a hellish confrontation on the 100 road to Bahía de Kino. After a chase in Hermosillo. The Officers did not know that the son of the Capo was going.”

Shortly after, information attributed to the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office, indicates that this is false, that there is no data to think that Iván Archivaldo was close or involved in these events.

The Directorate of Social Communication, disseminated the message that circulated on social networks, with the legend “false”, published the medium Dossier Político.

The confrontation On Saturday afternoon, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Sonora (FGJES) confirmed that “six subjects who were neutralized (killed) after attacking elements of the Criminal Investigation Ministerial Agency (AMIC)”.

It happened on the 100 highway.

“The events derived from a chase that began on the outskirts of the urban area of Hermosillo, in which public order forces from the three levels of government and various vehicles manned by armed civilians participated, who attacked the elements when they felt cornered in the vicinity of the area known as Siete Cerros, on the aforementioned road section”, details the FGJES.

The agency adds that the law enforcement officers repelled the aggression with their weapons of charge, and two elements of the Criminal Investigation Ministerial Agency were injured, then transferred to a hospital. They reported them out of danger.

“And six aggressors neutralized are reported”, the Prosecutor’s Office stressed.

He added that they secured six vans, multiple assault rifles and Barret caliber .50 and box chargers with capacity for 200 useful cartridges.

Source: Debate