Prosecutor’s Office and National Guard search Derimaya’s offices in Playa del Carmen

Staff of the State Attorney General’s Office, specifically the Investigation Police, with the support of elements of the National Guard, carried out a search yesterday morning at the offices of the Riviera Maya Developer (Derimaya), located in the Luis Donaldo Colosio neighborhood.

As it will be remembered, this is the body created in the government of Joaquín Hendricks Díaz for the regularization of the colony in question, which has more than 5 thousand lots and that by decree of the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu) more than 1,200 hectares were returned to the fund of the nation, in August 2022.

The Developer has promoted various injunctions to prevent these actions of the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and for now the authorities have not reported on the causes of this search, although it could be only the securing of documents, since they arrived with file-type boxes.

With about six vehicles and around 20 operatives, the search ordered by a Judge was carried out at the property on Colosio Avenue, between 30th and 35th streets, an area that was closed to traffic so that the authorities could do their work.

The operation caught the attention of some settlers, who observed from a distance because, it should be noted, many are waiting for the Sedatu agreement to be made valid so that this agency is the one that regularizes these lands and delivers the property titles.

It is worth mentioning that next April, the colony will celebrate 30 years of its foundation and for that reason, many hope that the birthday gift will be the disappearance of this body, made up of the State Government and a particular, Ofelia González Whit.

The latter is the one who has promoted various injunctions trying to avoid even the audits that have also been a demand of some sectors, since Derimaya never invested a peso for the introduction of services such as water and drainage, paving and electricity. All this was financed with public resources.

Source: Por Esto