Are you looking for a job? Shipping company offers 900 vacancies in Acapulco

The shipping company “Carnival Corporation” will offer 900 vacancies in Acapulco for 25 cruise ships that travel to various ports around the world

As part of the reactivation of jobs in Acapulco, after the economic and labor paralysis that left Hurricane Otis in October 2023, the shipping company Carnival Corporation, will offer to the Acapulco people of the tourism sector around 900 vacancies in 25 of its more than 40 cruise ships that travel to various ports around the world.

The opening of the sources of employment that will be offered on March 7 in the recruitment process at the Emporio Hotel, respond to a collaboration agreement that was signed between the government of Acapulco with executives of the global cruise operator Carnival Corporation, considered one of the two largest in the world.

At a press conference, the mayor of Acapulco Abelina López Rodríguez, and the director of promotion and dissemination in the municipal tourism secretariat Gerardo Ochoa Amorós, stated that all Acapulco residents who are recruited for some work activity on board the cruise ships, will have the benefit of having the shipping line process the C1D visa for them to work regularly.

The recruitment, contemplates the signing of labor contracts for six or nine months period in which they would have a considerable income, especially for those who were affected in their sources of work as a result of the passage of Hurricane Otis that considerably affected the industry without chimneys.

Those interested in entering one of the vacancies offered on board one of the 25 cruise ships for a period of six or nine months, must meet the following requirements such as a valid passport, having basic knowledge of English, in addition to undergoing a medical examination prior to signing the contract, they will also provide training, certification and surveillance courses for seafarers.

Once on board, the contracted during the six months or nine months of contract, will make tours of the routes of Alaska and the Mexican Caribbean, which should also be considered by those who are benefited with a vacancy.

The recruitment to cover the vacancies in the areas of cleaning, waiters, assistants, security and tourist attention on the cruise ships of the company Carnival, will start on March 7 from 09:00 in the morning at the Emporio Hotel on the coast Miguel Alemán.

Source: El Sol de Acapulco