Mountains Rally in San Luis Potosí from July 18 to 20

The calendar of the 2024 season of The National Rally Commission of Mexico A.C. was announced, where San Luis Potosí appears with the LVI Rally Montañas, being the fifth of the eight scheduled dates from July 18 to 20. This event will take place on pavement, in the capital of San Luis Potosí.

The 2024 season will extend over eight months, starting from February 23 to 25 with the III Rally of the Nations in León, Guanajuato.

In the month of April, the second date arrives from the 11th to the 14th with the II Rally Aguascalientes.

The third date will be on May 17 and 18, with the venue still to be defined, presenting the XXXI RAC 1000 Rally.

In the month of June, the fourth date on the 7th and 8th with the XVII Rally Sierras del Sur, which will take place in Teahuacán, Puebla.

Meanwhile, the fifth date, will take place from July 18 to 20 with the LVI Rally Montañas, which will be held on pavement surface in the potosina capital.

The last three dates of the calendar will be as follows: from August 29 to 31 the XXI Rally Sierra Juárez will take place in Oaxaca, Oaxaca.

On September 20 and 21, the XLV Rally Patrio will have its headquarters in Morelia, Michoacán. Finally, on November 22 and 23, the VII

Rally Colima will take place in Colima, Colima.

Source: Canal 7 SLP