Fast track in Mazatlán, this is the project they are looking for

The mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin is looking to reach agreements with Ferromex to build a road on the side of the tracks

FAST TRACK MAZATLÁN.- A fast track in Mazatlán? The Municipality is looking for alternatives to speed up vehicular traffic, one of them has to do with Ferrocarriles de México, Ferromex.

You will surely remember a project announced in 2022 in which it was proposed to build a road circuit from the General Rafael Buelna International Airport to the Cerritos area and it would run parallel to the railroad tracks, but two years after that announcement, what has progressed?

FAST TRACK The Fast Track would run parallel to the train tracks, the first section would be between José Luis «Peche» Rice and Santa Rosa avenues.

The mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin mentioned that these projects are slow, but he assured that it is still latent and that he will meet with Ferromex authorities to talk about the issue. He advanced that the first road is planned from José Luis “Peche” Rice avenue to Santa Rosa avenue.

“Remember that we were interested in freeing up the road, a side section of the track, at first we talked about the Peche Riche to the Jabalíes area or a little further that are the areas where you can connect”.

Édgar Augusto González Zataráin Mayor of Mazatlán “Although we do not have enough time, we do have enough to go leaving the bases and advance as much as possible on the issue of the processes with Ferromex, in such a way that the next administration or state government is interested because it would be a road that would relieve traffic”.

The mayor pointed out that there will also be coordination with the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation to also pave streets adjacent to some roads.

If those lands are handed over to the Municipality, 70 meters on both sides of the railroad tracks, 35 on each side, there would be an incredible avenue for the roads of Mazatlán, he said.

The executive project of the fast track at the time, former mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres reported that the municipality did not have the necessary resources, but that the executive project was already presented to the Congress of the Union and that he had already requested resources from Governor Rubén Rocha Moya for the next year’s budget.

Another thing established was that the people who live in invasions in those properties would be evicted and then relocated to lands provided by the municipality.

Source: Punto