Five dead and four injured in attacks in Iguala, Chilpancingo, Atoyac and Zihuatanejo over the weekend

The candidate for mayor by the PVEM, Erik Catalán Rendón suffered a shooting attack and two taxis and a public transport Urvan were set on fire in Iguala. In Tepecoacuilco two other taxis were burned yesterday and in Taxco the cook of the Chinese restaurant attacked on Friday died from his injuries

In a new day of violence this weekend in Iguala, two young men were killed and a transgender woman was injured in different events, the candidate for mayor by the PVEM, Erik Catalán Rendón suffered a shooting attack in which two people who accompanied him were injured, and two taxis and a public transport Urvan were set on fire, in addition, in Chilpancingo two taxi drivers were killed in different events on Saturday and Sunday, in Atoyac a 26-year-old man was executed early Saturday morning, and in Zihuatanejo a man who was shot was injured.

While in Tepecoacuilco two other taxis were burned yesterday and in Taxco, the cook of the Chinese restaurant attacked inside the business on Friday afternoon died from his injuries.

In this context of violence, the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) reported the deployment of the Regional Task Force device in Iguala and its communities, to “inhibit the activities of organized crime and address the security problem”, in which some 250 soldiers participate for the installation of 11 bases of operations, of which eight are from the Army and three from the National Guard, as well as the use of aircraft from the Air Force.

The attack against Erik Catalán

The candidate for mayor of Iguala by the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico, and former candidate for the same position in the 2021 election, Erik Catalán Rendón, was attacked by bullets on Saturday afternoon in Iguala, when he was driving his car on the federal highway Mexico-Acapulco, at the exit to Taxco, where he was unharmed thanks to the armor of the car he was in, but his two companions were injured.

In a message disseminated from his social networks, the former PRI politician reported that he was safe, while the state leadership of his party condemned the events and demanded a prompt investigation for their clarification.

Consulted by phone the afternoon of the attack, Erik Catalán confirmed the attack against him and reported that he is well, without giving details of what happened.

Yesterday he was again sought to request an interview related to the attack, but he mentioned that he did not feel in a position to speak yet, and said that he will give a press conference this Monday afternoon to talk about the facts.

The attack against the former PRI member occurred around 4 in the afternoon on Saturday, near the entrance to the Ficus colony, about 300 meters from the El Naranjo community.

Abandoned on the road was the red compact Toyota Corolla car in which he was traveling, which received about 12 impacts on the windshield, but the bullets did not penetrate the armor.

One version says that armed civilians intercepted him and attacked him head-on, and security escorts from Catalán Rendón repelled the aggression, causing the attackers to flee.

After the attack, he and his companions were transferred for their protection and attention to the 35-C Military Camp, headquarters of the 27th Infantry Battalion.

Hours after the aggression, from his social networks Catalán Rendón reported that he was in good health in the company of his family, and mentioned that he will continue working “to generate better living conditions for Iguala society”.

He also thanked the immediate support and attention “that the state government gave me, after the aggression that I suffered this Saturday afternoon in this city of Iguala. The two people who accompanied me are stable and I will be aware of their recovery”.

The state prosecutor’s office reported in a press release that it is investigating the aggression against Eric Catalán and two companions, after agents of the Ministerial Investigative Police and the Forensic Services carried out the first procedures and the collection of evidence at the scene of the attack, “for the clarification of the facts”.

The general secretary of the State Committee of the PVEM, Alejandro Carabias Icaza regretted and condemned the attack, and asked the authorities for a prompt clarification. He also thanked and recognized “the quick intervention of the Guerrero authorities”.

Last night in a WhatsApp message disseminated by alleged members of the criminal group la Familia Michoacana, they say that the mayor David Gama Pérez would have asked Los Tlacos for that attack, “to get him out of the way and thus be able to re-elect himself and continue giving them 6 million pesos monthly”. They claim that he did the same with Zulma Carvajal and they claim that there is evidence of that.

On August 6, the also candidate for Morena, Zulma Carvajal Salgado, was attacked by bullets, who in that fact came out unharmed, but her husband Humberto del Valle Zúñiga was killed.

Two killed

Around 3 in the afternoon on Saturday, a 32-year-old man identified as Jorge, was shot dead inside the Flores grocery store, located in the Loma del Zapatero neighborhood, in front of the Henry Ford elementary school, in the west zone of this city, in one of the accesses to the area of ​​discovery of graves of Cerro Gordo.

While around 11:30 at night of the same day, on the East Avenue of the Insurgentes neighborhood, north of the city, the young Emanuel Fredy, 28, was shot dead while having dinner with his family in a taqueria.

In both events it was reported that .9 millimeter caliber weapons were used and the shots to the victims were direct to the head.

Army soldiers, national guards and state police secured the areas during the proceedings.

They attack a trans woman

In another act of violence, around 7:40 at night on Saturday, the shooting attack against a transgender woman identified as Miranda was reported, who was wounded by two shots in the chest with a .9 millimeter caliber weapon.

The attack occurred on Libertadores Street in the San José neighborhood, east of the city, and after the aggression the victim was transferred seriously to a hospital.

They set fire to five public transport vehicles in Iguala and Tepecoacuilco

Around 9 in the morning on Saturday, the fire of a local taxi Nissan Tsuru and a Urvan from the Paintla del Zapotal community was reported, at the entrance to this town a few meters from the junction with the federal highway Mexico-Acapulco, at the exit to Chilpancingo.

According to police sources, armed civilians intercepted the drivers of the two vehicles, forced them to get off with their passengers and then threw gasoline and set them on fire.

The two vehicles were found together and shortly after firefighters from Iguala arrived to put out the fire, without any victims being reported

Another taxi from Iguala was set on fire around 7:30 last night between the communities of Platanillo and Puente González, north of the municipal seat. In this fact, no victims were reported either.

In Tepecoacuilco

Simultaneously, around 5:30 in the afternoon of this Sunday, armed civilians burned two local taxis on streets in the center of the community of Tierra Colorada, municipality of Tepecoacuilco.

The two Nissan Tsuru taxis were completely charred, and according to police sources the drivers were intercepted by armed civilians, who under threat of killing them stopped them, forced them to get off and then burned their vehicles. In these events, no victims were reported either.

In Taxco a young man dies

The 28-year-old young man Víctor Hugo, who was the cook of the Tai-Li Chinese restaurant, wounded by bullets in the head on Friday afternoon by armed civilians who broke into the business, died from his injuries. The restaurant is on the edge of the guarded Los Plateros Avenue, in the Vicente Guerrero neighborhood.

To inhibit the activities of organized crime and address the problem of insecurity in Iguala, the National Defense Secretariat implemented the Regional Task Force device, with the deployment of 11 bases of operations, of which eight are from Army soldiers and three from the National Guard, as well as the use of aircraft from the Air Force.

Through a press release released yesterday, the commands of the IX Military Region and 35 Military Zone reported that within the National Plan for Peace and Security 2018-2024, since Saturday the agents and aircraft arrived with which they will provide air support and make reconnaissance flights in Iguala.

It was reported that the main mission is to carry out operational activities to strengthen the rule of law in the entity, through deterrent land and air reconnaissance in Iguala and its surroundings, contributing to the tasks of the Public Security authorities, “acting at all times with full respect for human rights”.

The deployment of this device occurs in the context of an escalation of violence that has increased since the beginning of the year, in the alleged dispute for control of the territory between the criminal groups Familia Michoacana and Federación Guerrerense.

In Chilpancingo

Two taxi drivers were killed in different events in Chilpancingo on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday a taxi driver was shot dead in the Bosques del Oriente neighborhood, around 5 in the afternoon the authorities reported an armed attack against taxi number 138. The events occurred on a dirt road that is near the Ignacio Manuel Altamirano (IMA) neighborhood.

Red Cross rescuers arrived in the area who confirmed the death of the driver, whose identity is unknown.

The area was cordoned off by the State Police, where experts from the State Attorney General’s Office carried out the proceedings to open an investigation file.

On Sunday another taxi driver was killed, between the Alboreda and Yerbabuena neighborhoods around 4 in the afternoon.

The taxi with the number 492 was left on a dirt road known as El Columpio and according to the first Security reports, the driver had bullet impacts on his head.

In Atoyac and Zihuatanejo

A 26-year-old man identified as Héctor was shot dead early Saturday morning in Atoyac.

The events according to police reports were in the community of Cacalutla, in the lower area of ​​the municipality of Atoyac.

He was a neighbor of the 18 de Mayo neighborhood of the municipal seat of Atoyac, he was found dead at the height of the Cbta 66 campus on the federal highway Acapulco-Zihuatanejo, he had gunshot wounds to the head, and he was tied up by his feet and hands.

The authorities came to the place to make the lifting of the body’s record that was identified by his relatives, who claimed the body.

Additionally, in Zihuatanejo a man was shot while walking downtown on Morelos Avenue on Saturday shortly before 7 p.m.

He was injured in front of Freedom of Expression Square and was taken by ambulance to a hospital.

Source: Sur Acapulco