Rural tourism: In Sinaloa there will be towns that will highlight their charm

El Quelite, La Noria, El Recodo and Villa Unión, from Mazatlán, are some of the towns where they will seek to highlight the charm for tourism

Sinaloa has tourist places that you can’t imagine, full of art, traditions and culture that need to be highlighted so that you can know their charm… How? With the program “Sinaloa with rural charm”, from the Ministry of Tourism.

What is this Tourism program about? The Ministry of Tourism will arrive with this new program for the 12 Señorial Towns that we have from north to south and for small communities that have something touristy to boast.

In this first stage, the state authority will invest around 1.2 million pesos for eight places that are:

El Quelite

La Noria

El Recodo

Villa Unión

Agua Caliente de Gárate




All these improvements, enhancements and changes that will be made in favor of tourism will have to be done in three months.

Estrella Palacios Domínguez, Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa, pointed out that what is sought is to highlight the natural, cultural and historical beauty through artistic murals, totems tourist formation, thematic alleys and photographic stops.

She added that all the communities have characteristics worthy of sharing from their history, their natural, architectural and pictorial beauties, where the regional culture plays an important role, susceptible to artistic expressions such as music, folklore, painting, among others.

The Undersecretary of Tourism Promotion, Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, mentioned that all these actions mean promotion for all the destinations of Sinaloa, not only the traditional ones that grew in 2023 with more than 5 million visitors but also in the rural area.

“The challenge is the dispersion to the Señorial, Magical and communities with tourist vocation, as well as increasing the stay in the new towns and that the success stories are replicated”, said Estrella Palacios Domínguez Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa.

Murals, a trend that came to stay

The fashion or trend of murals in historical centers and Magical Towns in Mexico was created from the 2000s, when in 2001 the federal program of Magical Towns began. Independent artists took control of a wall and illustrated something symbolic of the place.

This was replicated from a global movement on the pictorial exhibition that existed since then, and how in the streets you could show urban art, beyond vandalism or graffiti. Since then, it stayed.

In Mazatlán there are several murals that, over the years, tourists and locals have taken as a photographic area.

Source: Punto