In the middle of Carnival, Cruz Lizárraga avenue is flooded in Mazatlán

Since Saturday morning, the intersection of Cruz Lizárraga and Lola Beltrán avenues has remained ‘flooded’ by a water spill that has caused traffic chaos despite the fact that it has not rained in Mazatlán for months.

At noon on Saturday, in the middle of the celebration of the International Carnival 2024 “Baroque Eclipse” the water gushed out of the entire intersection, where some tourists who were heading to the boardwalk, had to pass over the liquid and other passers-by had to walk until they found a dry place to cross.

Although it was not determined whether it was a potable water leak or a black water spill, because the sewers were overflowing and large puddles covered almost a block on Cruz Lizárraga avenue, the problem was such that it was registered as it often happens in rainy season.

And it is that the crossing of Lola Beltrán and Cruz Lizárraga avenues has become one of the most conflictive points of Mazatlán for some years, especially when it is rainy season, because the level at which it is located causes it to become a mega pool that affects the circulation for several meters. However, on this occasion it surprised both locals and strangers because not a drop of rain has fallen on Mazatlán and yet it is flooded.

Source: Los Noticieristas