The Naval Combat of the International Carnival of Mazatlán 2024 ‘Baroque Eclipse’ was jam-packed

Mazatlán, Sin.- Not a pin fit in Olas Altas since Saturday afternoon, when hundreds of tourists and locals gathered to see the already traditional Naval Combat that on this occasion was a show accompanied by Sinaloan music.

At 11:00 p.m., more than 120,000 people, according to estimates from the Civil Protection Coordination, crowded the length and width of Olas Altas, to commemorate the battle of La Cordeliere, the French frigate that in 1864 attacked the port, but the Mazatlecos defended it during the invasion.

On this occasion, the Naval Combat had a somewhat different touch to the traditional, because the fireworks illuminated the bay to the rhythm of wind songs like ‘La Cuichi’ and even some pop hits.

For half an hour, the crowd applauded and interacted with the songs and the fireworks that also launched the boats and platforms that were installed in front of Olas Altas.

Source: Los Noticieristas