Alcoholimeter Device sanctions 114 people during special Carnival operation

Prioritizing the safety of the people who came to enjoy the city’s maximum party, the Municipal Public Security and Transit Secretariat extended the Alcoholimeter Operation for the six days of activities, in which 356 tests were applied to drivers who ranged between 20 and 71 years old.

Alfonso Mejía Ramos, General Coordinator of Alcoholimetry reported that of the tests performed, the civic judge sanctioned 114 people between women and men who exceeded the established limits, and also ordered that, six drivers be taken to cells for not being able to pay their fine on the spot.

During the special operation of six days, the offenders had the opportunity to request support from sober relatives to be able to deliver the unit in which they were traveling, on the other hand eight vehicles were towed.

On the subject of attention for road events, during the days of special operation of Carnival Mazatlán 2024, the road unit attended a total of 20 accidents, where 14 people were injured, unfortunately one of them lost her life when she was driving through the north zone of the city.

Source: Sinaloa en linea