Olas Altas Zone broke attendance record during this Carnival

During this Carnival, an attendance record was broken in the Olas Altas Zone, as there were 2 thousand more people than last year, which has been the highest influx in the entire history of the port’s maximum party, said the director of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlán, Raúl Rico González.

“I am very happy that it is a white carnival, it is not easy to say, really here who should be congratulated in addition to all the authorities is the citizenship, they behaved at the height, not only had fun, but they knew how to take it in peace, carry the spaces with order and that makes us very happy, it is a triumph of the Mazatlecos”, he said.

He stressed that this celebration, in addition to being an event that executes a social balance, also has a transcendent social function, since in economy it left a spill of around 1,200 million pesos.

Source: Sinaloa en linea