Marines and police from Oaxaca evict former railroad workers’ protest on Transisthmian Train

The former railroad workers participated in a day of protests that included the Maya Train and the Interoceanic, to demand a fair settlement

Elements of the Navy Secretariat (Semar) and the State Police of Oaxaca evicted this morning former railroad workers who were protesting on the tracks of the Transisthmian Train, in the city of Matías Romero.

The protest was organized by the Railroad Reconstruction Union Front (Ferro), after the federal authorities informed them on January 15 about the “budgetary impossibility” to cover what they consider a fair settlement.

Shortly before the passage of the Transisthmian railway, which had left at 7 in the morning from Salina Cruz, some 50 former rail workers began to close the passage of the train on the tracks, but the elements of the Navy arrived and evicted them.

In the action, which is observed in different videos that circulate on social networks, it was documented how the marines arrested the coordinators of the protest in Matías Romero, José Luis Godínez Rasgado and Everardo Ovando.

After the marines opened the passage of the passenger train bound for Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, the retired rail workers regretted the eviction. “It is not fair what they did to us. President López Obrador always told us that he would attend to the problem,” they said.

“We do not know where our detained colleagues are. We want them to be released,” they asked, while they remained on the tracks of the Transisthmian Train that registered its first protest, after it was the scene of various blockades during the work of its modernization.

The former railroad workers recalled that President López Obrador had already given instructions to the Secretary of the Interior and the head of the Institute to Return to the People what was Stolen for the creation of a fund to cover a fair settlement for the rail workers.

According to various statements, those affected by the privatization of the railway system during the government of Ernesto Zedillo, today various protests would be carried out such as the blockade to the Maya Train and the closure of the northern border, as well as the blockade to the Transisthmian Train.

Source: El Universal