Video Driver dies in Mérida after defending a passenger from sexual harassment: VIDEO

February 13, 2024 A public transport driver from Mérida, Yucatán, died after attending the report of sexual harassment of a passenger.

A woman alerted to be sexually assaulted on board a unit of the Va-y-Ven system.

The driver, José Eduardo López Toro, stopped the march and called emergencies.

Last January, 28 security cameras of the truck captured the moment when the aggressor of the woman approaches the driver, who was talking on the cell phone, and pushes him towards the descent doors, which were open.

When the driver fell, he hit his head, which led him to be hospitalized.

On February 10, his twin brother announced his death. “You left as a hero by defending a girl from sexual aggression, you acted like a brave one,” he said on social networks.

After concluding the wake and funeral of José Eduardo López, his twin asked Governor Mauricio Vila that the case not go unpunished, as well as help for his brother’s son.

“Mr. Governor, I ask you to take action on the matter and that the full weight of the law falls on the one who caused this outcome to my brother, whom his family will never see again, and especially his disabled son,” he posted on Facebook.

It is expected that the authorities will reclassify the accusation, to homicide, against the person responsible.

Source: Lopez Doriga