Evangelical church in Chiapas closes more than 100 temples due to violence in the Sierra Mariscal region

400 elementos del Ejercito Mexicano, Guardia Nacional y Policía Estatal, implementaron un operativo llamado Unión en el municipio de Pantelhó para garantizar la paz ante los diferentes hechos de violencia.

More than 100 evangelical churches closed due to violence in Chiapas

The evangelical church in Chiapas reported the closure of more than 100 temples located in the Sierra Mariscal region as a result of the violence that prevails in several municipalities and in order to safeguard its members.

According to the testimony of the president of the evangelical church in Tapachula, Gamaliel Fierro Martínez, the violent acts of organized crime have affected the functioning of the temples of Chicomuselo, Mazapa de Madero, Frontera Comalapa, Bejucal de Ocampo, Bella Vista, El Porvenir, Siltepec, Amatenango de la Frontera and Motozintla.

In all these municipalities, he explained that the temples stopped holding their worship services temporarily because there is fear.

Latinus spoke with inhabitants of Motozintla and Frontera Comalapa, who reported that the presence of armed men is a constant and it has become even usual to see them in the streets, without the Army, the National Guard or any security entity watching over the locals.

“We know that not only the evangelicals have closed their doors, but also many businesses and even schools, some have stopped giving classes and are as if it were the pandemic, because they do everything remotely”, said Erika, an inhabitant of Frontera Comalapa.

In Motozintla, according to the testimony of some inhabitants, on February 14 a festivity was held in the central park on the occasion of Ash Wednesday, but armed men began to arrive at this point and no authority came.

Not only the evangelical church has suspended religious meetings. The Catholic sector has also been affected in different locations due to the decrease of devotees to masses and patron saint events, due to the fear of going out on the streets.

The Catholic Church in Chiapas has severely criticized the inaction of the state and federal government in the fight against organized crime, pointing out that they have allowed criminal cells to take possession of several municipalities and regions of the entity.

Source: Latinus