How much does the narco charge the churches of Chiapas? This is what a pastor answered

On Saturday, the evangelical church in Chiapas announced that more than 100 temples closed their doors in the Sierra Mariscal region

Francisco Napabe, pastor of Chiapas, shows that the evangelical church in Chiapas is a victim of extortion and floor charges, he shared how much the drug trafficking charges the temples as a floor fee to avoid being ‘bothered’ or harassed by the members of the criminal organization.

Last weekend, the evangelical church in Chiapas, announced that due to the growing wave of violence in the Sierra Mariscal region, caused by the criminal groups that operate, they would have to close the door of 100 temples and stop performing ceremonies.

Pastor Napabe told Azucena Uresti that, in recent days one of his peers was killed and his body abandoned on the banks of a river, the reason was that he refused to pay 30 thousand pesos as a floor right.

“Even in recent days, the pastor of the Montes Sión Church was found dead on the banks of the river. According to the information they gave us, he was being extorted, charging him a floor right of 30 thousand pesos; which he did not pay, then it is understood that possibly it was against that retaliation”, said Pastor Francisco Napabe to the journalist during her morning program on Radio Fórmula.

Meanwhile, the father did not offer an estimate of the total number of temples that are being extorted, but said that there are other organizations that have noticed the presence of these groups in Motozintla.

He reproaches the government’s inaction

Francisco Napabe reproached the state government and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the inaction and the lack of recognition of the violent events that occur in some regions of Mexico, which have caused the displacement of settlers and closure of businesses.

“Unfortunately, the truth, and it is worrying because we do not see a response from our government and what we regret the most, also, is the fact that they publicly both our President of the Republic and state government, have declared that Chiapas is not happening that, but that there is peace and that everything is things like very eloquent phrases of politicking”, criticized the pastor of Chiapas.

On the other hand, he denied that they had information about the criminal organizations that operate in the different regions of Chiapas, such as Motozintla.

Source: Infobae