Whale and whale shark sightings are recorded in Puerto Peñasco

They are another extra tourist attraction for tourists. They do not pose a danger to humans: Zofemat

PUERTO PEÑASCO.- During the last weeks, whale and, to a lesser extent, whale shark sightings have been reported on the beaches of Puerto Peñasco, which are non-aggressive species for humans, said Luis César García González.

The director of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) in Puerto Peñasco expressed that, on the contrary, these sightings are an extra attraction for tourists who rent boats to enter the sea and take photographs of these beautiful specimens, to increase their fun.

In fact, during these days, the tourist activity that has been ‘pulling’ the most is the ride for the sighting of these species that are not aggressive with people because they only feed on larvae and marine creel.

The marine creel are tiny crustaceans that measure less than a centimeter and are at the base of the ocean food chain. The creel forms one of the most common types of zooplankton and is the main food of whales and whale sharks, he explained.

He also highlighted that these sightings are a spectacle for tourists since, even, from the shore of the beach you can see the bubbles of water that the whales throw into the air, when they get a little closer to the shore.

They will be part of the tourist activity

Likewise, he delved into the fact that this activity (sightings) will be incorporated as another part of the tourist attractions of Puerto Peñasco and for this, approximately two weeks ago, the rocaportense city council and CEDO Intercultural began to train the crew of the various boats.

It is for them to comply with the security protocols in the care of these little animals, to prevent them from being harmed during their fishing activities, García González emphasized

Martín Martínez, director of Municipal Tourism, observed that, by annexing this activity to the value chain of the tourist sector, it also became necessary to involve the Auxiliary Tourism Unit in the training so that it is integral and sustainable, both for the tourist and for the environment and ecological environment.

He said that currently the sighting of four different species of whales in rocaportense waters has been achieved, which make trips of up to 20,000 kilometers, from the coasts of Alaska and North America to the beaches of Puerto Peñasco.

Source: El Imparcial