Blockade in Arco Norte causes chaos on Mexico-Puebla highway, height of Texmelucan

Farmers from Tlaxcala, one in Calpulalpan and another in Santorum, demand payment for their lands

San Martín Texmelucan, Pue.- For almost 17 hours, the Arco Norte has remained closed, which has affected the Mexico-Puebla highway at the height of San Martín Texmelucan due to two blockades carried out by farmers from Tlaxcala, one in Calpulalpan and another in Santorum.

At kilometer 92 of the Mexico-Puebla highway, the traffic disruption began in the section from San Martín Texmelucan to Xoxtla in the direction of Mexico City.

In this sense, around two in the afternoon on Monday, the circulation in the Arco Norte stopped completely due to the demonstration of farmers who demanded payment for their lands, which were used to build the Arco Norte. Therefore, the affectation began to be noticed in the section of San Martín Texmelucan.

It is important to note that during the early hours of Tuesday, a member of the National Guard informed one of the stranded carriers that he would probably dawn in the place, since the farmers had set up a camp in the Arco Norte at the height of Santorum and Calpulalpan.

Finally, this demonstration has harmed the Mexico-Puebla highway, so the staff of the National Guard, in collaboration with CAPUFE, is diverting traffic to Mexico City by the Huejotzingo Airport boulevard so that drivers take the federal highway Mexico-Puebla and join the highway at the height of San Martín Texmelucan.

They show kilometer-long rows on networks

Assaults, loss of medical appointments, lack of medicines, cold and hunger have left more than 18 hours of traffic stopped in the Arco Norte, by ejidatarios from the states of Tlaxcala who demand payment for their lands for the expropriation to build the road.

At dawn on Tuesday, the stranded motorists reported through social networks that they have been victims of assaults by armed subjects who have taken advantage of the lack of presence of the National Guard to rob the drivers.

In addition, on social networks a row of more than 10 km of cars that are on the Mexico-Puebla highway, direction to Mexico City, that try to advance and in turn join the Arco Norte is reported.

The protesters have occasionally reopened a lane, but this has not been enough to relieve the number of cars detained.

Among those affected are students from the Technological Institute of Aguascalientes, who were going to participate in the National Meeting of Escorts and War Bands in Escárcega, Campeche, but due to the demonstration they were trapped, so they ask for support to speed up the resolution of the problem.

Source: El Sol de Puebla