Was there an earthquake in Merida? Video about seismic alert in La Plancha is spread

A video was spread on social networks in which the seismic alert sounds in La Plancha, but did it shake? This is what is known

In Yucatan, the arrival of tropical storms, hurricanes, north events and even hail is very common, but not an earthquake; however, it circulated that last night the seismic alert was activated in La Plancha, was there an earthquake?

The video was shared by the user Oli Rodríguez, in which a crack can be seen in a square in the city of Merida.

In the first seconds of the video you can see the restaurant area of ​​the new park of La Plancha, where some people enjoyed their food; others simply walked around the place, while in the background the sound of the alarm is heard.

Next, a large crack is seen inside a square located in the north of the capital of Yucatan, while a woman says “what do you think? That the square is cracking. It’s going to fall, it’s going to split in half.”

Although at no time does he mention that these incidents are related, some users on social networks assumed that it was due to an alleged earthquake, but did it shake? So far, the National Seismological Service has not issued any report on a seismic movement in the Yucatan Peninsula for which this alert was issued.

The geologists of the UNAM clarify that it can shake in Yucatan, but a plate collision cannot be registered, there are not the same consequences of what does happen in regions of the south of the country or in the Valley of Mexico, where there are nearby epicenters.

In summary, the answer to the question of whether it can shake in Yucatan, is affirmative, yes it shakes, but an earthquake cannot be generated on the soil of the Peninsula.

Source: La I Noticias