Sinaloa is the first state in the country to sell with Walmart

100% Sinaloan products from SMEs can be found in Walmart’s online store, as well as Amazon and Mercado Libre

Sinaloa became the first state in Mexico to officially sell with Walmart, with 100 percent Sinaloan products, online.

The micro, small and medium-sized Sinaloan companies will appear on the chain’s website, this through an agreement between Walmart Mexico and Central America and the Ministry of Economy of Sinaloa.

The Secretary of Economy of Sinaloa, Javier Gaxiola Coppel, mentioned that the strategy seeks to prioritize and promote, through the Digital Route program, the SMEs that are the main generators of employment and well-being in the state.

This makes Sinaloa the first state in the country to sign an agreement with the self-service chain and market its products in its marketplace and increase its sales.

Gaxiola Coppel pointed out that Walmart Mexico and Central America has more than 3 thousand active companies in the country that receives about 80 million visits per month, who doesn’t like to go to the self-service stores to … think things?

The self-service store adds up with 14 companies registered to Amazon and Mercado Libre as platforms for the sale of Sinaloan products with SMEs, platforms that already have about 603 companies, with whom they have achieved sales of approximately 44 million pesos.

For Walmart Mexico, Sinaloa is an agricultural and agro-industrial leader

Rodrigo Flores, director of Institutional Relations of Walmart Mexico and Central America, added that the interest of the institutions in developing this type of initiatives and alliances for more companies to join the productive chain.

He added that the Sinaloan companies will be able to participate in Walmart’s online store. The important thing is that they start participating.

He explained that Walmart’s digital platform is friendly to the consumer, now it is much easier to sell in the Marketplace and this is a great opportunity for the companies.

Source: Punto