Rob Schneider Does It Again! Tries Another Mexican Dish and This Was His Reaction

It’s no secret that Rob Schneider loves Mexico, and his videos trying Mexican food have captivated users on social networks.

Hollywood actor Rob Schneider has shown his love for Mexican culture and gastronomy in recent months, and a few days ago he did it again by trying a typical dish: ‘tlacoyos,’ as the comedian mentioned.

For more than a decade, the star of “The Hot Chick” has been married to Yucatecan Patricia Azarcoya, which began with his love for our “beautiful and beloved Mexico.”

Some time ago, the actress and producer also uploaded a video to her social networks showing her husband trying a delicious dish of beans with pork. “What is that, mommy?” asked the actor when he saw the plate of food.

On that occasion, the Mexican replied that it was beans with pork, “it has cilantro, radish, and onion.” She also showed, to the astonishment of many of her followers, a container with habanero chili sauce, emphasizing that it is very spicy, but very tasty.

From that moment, the American demonstrated his love for Mexican gastronomy. However, shortly after, following the controversy of Yahritza and Su Esencia, a video went viral in which Rob is seen singing “Sabor a Mi.”

What Mexican food did Rob Schneider try?

It was on March 25 when Patricia once again uploaded a video in which she gives her husband a new dish to try: a tlacoyo. “Flacoyo… tlacoyo,” says Schneider as he tries the food and his wife laughs.

After taking a bite, the actor savors the food and says “mm, tasty. Tlacoyo,” once again showing how much he enjoys our gastronomy.

Source: La I Noticias