A Canadian resident in Mazatlán was assaulted and shot during a daylight robbery.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras.

Two motorcyclists approached the foreign resident as he was walking his dogs peacefully on the street. After a brief struggle, one of the assailants pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the abdomen.

The attackers then fled on their motorcycles. Red Cross paramedics responded to the scene, but the injured man had already been taken to a private hospital for medical attention.

This type of crime has increased in the residential areas adjacent to the tourist zone over the past two weeks. Neighbors on the same street report experiencing similar robberies by motorcyclists who use their helmets to conceal their identities and ride unregistered vehicles.

In another incident, an assailant driving a Hyundai Atos threatened a neighbor with a weapon and demanded her purse and cellphone. The wounded man has been identified as Peter “N,” aged 74. In response to today’s episode, municipal police are patrolling the streets in the area to deter such crimes.

Source: Noreste