Between 50 and 60 cars are stolen on the Mexico-US border

Car theft is the crime with the most incidence in Tamaulipas, with the intention of selling them in Matamoros or for them to be used by organized crime

Roban entre 50 y 60 autos en la frontera de México con EE.UU.

Car theft on the northern border of Mexico amounts to between 50 and 60 units per month.

César Amílcar López González, president of the Security and Justice Board in Tamaulipas, explained that vehicle theft is the crime with the highest incidence in the state.

Mostly, he said, the intention is to sell them in Matamoros or for them to be used by organized crime.

The figure is 50 or 60 stolen cars a month. “We are asking the authorities to stop this crime, to reduce it as much as possible,” said López González.

According to the official, large trucks are the most stolen by criminal groups.

There has been a lot of conflict between the different criminal groups and in every problem they have they lose vehicles so they replace them with those of the citizens,” he explained.

When a car theft is reported immediately there is a 90 percent chance that it will be recovered, but when days pass to file the report it is “very difficult” to find it, said César Amícar.

“We have spoken with the Public Ministry to speed up the procedures so that people do not despair,” he added.

Source: lopezdoriga