These are the cities in Mexico with the best quality of life

Learn about the analysis of the Mexican cities that offer the best combination of quality of life and safety

Las mejores ciudades para vivir en México. Descubre sus características.

Cvapp conducted research on Mexican cities that stand out not only for their excellent job opportunities and attractive salaries, but also for offering a balanced and affordable lifestyle for recent graduates. The results are interesting.

When evaluating cities in Mexico to determine which offer the best combination of quality of life and safety, it becomes evident that some stand out for achieving an outstanding balance between both aspects.

When considering quality of life in conjunction with safety, Mérida undoubtedly stands out as the most favorable option. Querétaro follows along with Torreón, which also has a high quality of life and one of the lowest crime rates among the country’s large cities.

If we consider the quality of life, Monterrey takes the cake as one of the best cities to live in Mexico.

These cities are emerging as the best destinations in Mexico for those seeking a perfect balance between a safe and quality life, making them ideal places for families and young professionals who want to establish themselves in a safe and promising environment.

Source: informador