Solmar Hotels & Resorts will invest up to 100 million dollars in a project in Mexico

The project includes the construction of 600 new rooms in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

Complejo turístico en México.

The hotel group Solmar Hotels & Resorts is preparing an investment of up to 100 million dollars to build up to 600 new rooms in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, as well as begin a process to convert the brand into a multi-destination.

We intend to continue growing as a company. Mexico has gone through many situations, both ups and downs, but we always get ahead,” said Rosario Bulnes, president of the Board of Directors of Solmar Hotel & Resorts.

Within the framework of the 50th anniversary of the brand in the country, he explained that there is a project for the Grand Solmar Pacific Dunes Resort Golf & Spa in which the property will go from 145 rooms to 600 units and will be ready in 2026. “They will be rooms of different sizes and with different amenities for different market segments,” he noted.

For his part, Mauricio Salicrup, director of operations, announced that the Solmar Resort will be demolished and a hotel focused on the ultra-luxury segment, only for adults, will be built. The remodeling of Playa Grande Resort & Spa is also planned, which will begin in September and conclude in 2026.


The manager assured that Solmar has a broad vacation club base, which requires the company to be a multi-destination chain and therefore an alliance with a company in the United States is being analyzed, although one in Mexico is not ruled out.

When working with international clients, such as the vacation club, they give you the guidelines to plan what comes next. They are already asking us for different things and that is where the multi-destination strategy goes. Solmar is a solid company, we are very conservative and we build on what is sold. We are building one by one,” said Bulnes.

Rosario Bulnes y Mauricio Salicrup.

Rosario Bulnes and Mauricio Salicrup.
*Rosario Bulnes, President of the Board, and Mauricio Salicrup, Director of Operations, of Solmar Hotel & Resorts.

Regarding the multi-destination brand project, Salicrup is working with independent hotel companies to analyze both brands, the level of satisfaction of the vacation club and quality standards to be able to finalize an alliance.

We are currently focused on the United States because due to the security issues that permeate Mexico, there are not many options within the country. We do not rule it out because there are two companies that are similar to us and that are interested, but honestly we are very concerned about security because there are situations that we do not want for our vacation club.”

Solmar currently has 2 thousand rooms in Baja California Sur.


Mauricio Salicrup, who is also president of the Council of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, expressed that there is a slowdown in the arrival of tourists not only to the destination, but in other places in Mexico. He indicated that among the factors identified is a decrease in global tourism demand and less airline connectivity due to the impact generated by the Pratt & Whitney engine revisions.

He mentioned that in the case of Los Cabos, American Airlines will have 179 fewer flights for the summer. “Americans are also already suffering in their wallets from the federal subsidy that they were given due to the pandemic and that they have not received for a year, so they are traveling less.”

He indicated that added to this is the latent risk that Mexico could return to Category 2 in air safety. “If that happens, it will affect all of our destinations.”

Source: excelsior