Coahuila and Durango ready to take advantage of the trade war between the United States and China

Coahuila and Durango will take advantage of the current trade conflict between the USA and China

Coahuila y Durango están listos para aprovechar la llegada de inversiones asiáticas, en el marco de la problemática comercial con Estados Unidos. (Verónica Rivera)

After the United States Government announced an increase in tariffs for Chinese goods, Mexico, specifically the states of Coahuila and Durango, are ready to take advantage of the arrival of investments from the Asian country and also to position both entities as attractive areas. for this market.

Arturo Ortiz Galán, Undersecretary of Economic Development in the Government of Durango, explained that “this helps us much more, as Mexico, because first was the issue of the pandemic, the issue of COVID, that is why the relocation of the chain began. of production, nearshoring, what has been the trade war between the United States and China helps us more, because what President Biden is doing to raise tariffs up to 100 percent on Chinese products, some electric cars also included “It helps us much more so that Chinese and Asian companies come to Mexico more quickly.”

He pointed out that these impositions by the United States Government on tariffs are for items that are produced in China, not produced in Mexico with Chinese capital. He clarified that this is very different, because the Chinese companies that are arriving in Mexico are companies incorporated under national laws, they are Mexican companies.

“Consequently, they have no problem marketing their products, made in Mexico under the national laws of the T-MEC, to be able to be marketed in the three countries, in the United States and Canada, so these government sanctions help us much more American to products originating in China,” he said.

Luis Olivares Martínez, director of ProCoahuila, pointed out that the problem between the United States and China is not from yesterday but has been brewing for some time, which is why it is contemplated within the strategies of the state government and fits into the promotion to attract investments.

“The situation is out of our context, but our job is to take advantage of them where they can be taken advantage of, we are not excluding Asian investments, we have also been receiving investments for many years from the United States, which is our main trading partner and that at the end of the day “Our projection will continue to be to bring American companies to the entity,” he commented.

He explained that the trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada contemplates the issue that companies, regardless of the origin of their investment, when they are incorporated in Mexico are already treated as Mexican companies.

“As Mexican companies, they will be able to continue using the conditions of the Treaty, then that part allows them, any company that formally constitutes a Mexican legal entity has the benefits,” he indicated, “now that this new modality is coming, the new companies will have , that they try to explore in Mexico, that they consider the tariffs, also depending on their line of business and what they produce in the country.”

The White House announced new tariffs worth $18 billion on imports of products from China, with electric vehicles being the most punished with tariffs that went from 25% to 100 percent. The Chinese Foreign Ministry assured that it “will take all necessary measures” to “protect their legitimate rights and interests.”

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‘Coahuila and Durango, with opportunities’
Ambassador Ken Salazar confirmed the strong and deep economic and personal ties that unite the people of La Laguna in Coahuila and Durango with the people of the United States.

He indicated that, during his visit to the region, he learned in more detail why this region has great potential to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from nearshoring, its integration and the semiconductor industry.

Through his social networks, the United States Diplomat published his statement, where he mentions that through a productive dialogue with the governor of Coahuila, Manolo Jiménez, and that of Durango, Esteban Villegas, they addressed issues of common interest on which they will continue working. , such as economic development, security and migration.

They also discussed the importance of education and Mexico-United States educational exchanges as crucial factors in promoting young people, their ingenuity and talent, helping to make this region more competitive through a workforce that can take it into the future.

“Here you can see how the coordination between the Government of Mexico, state authorities of both states and the private sector has promoted investments and prosperity. I was able to verify this when visiting the plants of the American companies Milwaukee Tool and Vishay, which exemplify how the American private sector generates jobs, investments and opportunities for both peoples through the most innovative technology and clean energy,” said the Ambassador. He noted that, together with both governors, he visited the Ferromex field, where they agreed on the importance that The railroads have in the economic relationship between Mexico and the United States, and in how they can work together so that this sector continues to be a fundamental piece in this integration.

“Although La Laguna has great potential based on technology and the industrial sector, its agricultural production plays an important role in our integration and the nutritional health of our nations. I confirmed this spirit of continuing to advance in this sector at the Autonomous University Agraria Antonio Narro, where its students and teachers also apply technology for their production,” said Salazar.

He indicated that during this visit he took the opportunity to recognize and thank Roger C. Rigaud, consul general in Monterrey, for the great work he did in his consular district to strengthen ties between our nations and work on this integration, as well as on security and shared prosperity.

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