Tabasco registers thousands of dead fish due to high temperatures

Tabasco authorities report a sudden mortality of fish, which is attributed to the high temperatures of the season

Tabasco registra miles de peces muertos por altas temperaturas

The high temperatures recorded in Tabasco are affecting various animal species, such as howler monkeys, and now fish.

The Secretariat of Welfare, Sustainability and Climate Change reported dead fish on the banks of the Cencali basin of Las Ilusiones Lagoon, in Villahermosa.

Already in February, fish mortality had been recorded, which is attributed to the sudden change in water temperature, from dawn to morning.

The harenga has been the most affected species. The dead fish have been removed by personnel from the Welfare Secretariat.

Regarding the howler monkeys, the reintegration into their natural habitat of four specimens treated for heat stroke was reported, while four more remain in recovery.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), for its part, indicated that it works in coordination with the academic sector and local zoological centers to address the recent deaths of animals in Tabasco and Chiapas.

It remains especially attentive to the death of primates, which is suspected to have been due to heat stroke, dehydration, malnutrition or fumigation of crops with agrotoxins.

Source: lopezdoriga